3 reasons to keep a sewing journal :-)

Since day one of my sewing journey, I have kept a sewing journal. In fact I have two, both with a different purpose. One of them is more of a notes & ideas book, for example it includes blog posts to write, patterns I like, haberdashery addresses etc. The other one however, is a recording of every thing I have ever sewn.

I believe these are a brilliant tool for sewers, whether you have just started or have been sewing forever. Here are my top three reasons why I think keeping a sewing journal is incredibly useful:

Watch your progress

You are able to look back and see how far you have progressed over time. By keeping photos of completed garments you are able to see your skill level and abilities grow, which will boost your confidence in future sews.

Allows you to not make the same mistakes twice

By recording alterations you have made, pit falls or mistakes when you have finished a garment. This means that when you come to make it again, you can read your previous comments and make sure you don’t make the same errors again.

Record any amendments made to a garment for future attempts

If you have had to amend a pattern to make it fit perfectly; then by recording the exact amendments you made, it means when you come to make the garment again you know exactly where to make the changes. So it will fit perfectly first time!


In my sewing journal I record a number of different bits of information including:

  • Photos of the finished garment from different angles.
  • Swatches of fabric used.
  • Details of thread make, colour and number.
  • Pattern make, number and option chosen.
  • Item name i.e knit dress, apron etc
  • The pattern size used.
  • Attempt number.
  • Fabric type used.
  • Overlocker tensions used.
  • The type and gauge of needle used.
  • Alteration details including: hem size amendments, tailoring changes, trim alterations and issues with fabric.


I don’t always include all of the above on each entry but I include a lot of them when they differ from the norm.

Hope this is helpful 🙂  If you are enjoying my blog,  follow me!!

Love Heather xx


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