How to make bobbin tidies!

I openly admit that I suffer from a mild form of OCD, usually around order and tidiness. So I absolutely hate messy bobbins – apart from the fact it looks horrible, threads come tangled and  knotted which cause problems when you come to use the bobbin.

So in this post I am going to explain how to make really simple bobbin tidies, which keep the thread wrapped around the bobbin preventing unravelling and knotting. Now the original idea for this came from my mum so I can’t claim full credit!


  • Scissors
  • Scalpel (optional)
  • Ruler/seam ruler
  • Pen
  • PVC tubing (I used 8mm –  PVC tubing )



I ordered 1 meter of clear 8mm PVC piping, so I had extra for future needs etc.
Using one of your bobbins, hold the tubing to the inside of the bobbin edges and mark the width on the pipe.
Using scissors or a scalpel cut the marked section of pipe off
Then cut the bottom of the ring, so it can be opened to be placed around the bobbin.
Check the tidy fits on your bobbin, if its too big just trim the edge until it fits snugly.
Once you have a size you are happy with, measure the width of the tidy.
Using your chosen width, mark the rest of the pipe as above. Use a pen with can be wiped off after to prevent it marking thread, skin etc.  I measured out enough to make 30 tidies, so I had one for each of my bobbins plus a few extra.
Once you have cut off all your sections, cut the bottoms so they can opened up.
Add them to your bobbins and VOILA!! beautifully tidy bobbins!


Hope this is helpful 🙂  If you are enjoying my blog,  follow me!!

Love Heather xx


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