Understanding single & double fold bias binding

Sorry for the long pause but life got a bit hectic. However, I’m Baaaaaaack!! Today I want to talk about the joys of single/double fold bias binding. I found this so confusing and I don’t even know why as it so simple. In general, there are two types of bias binding used for sewing. These are single fold bias binding and double fold bias binding.

Single fold

Single-fold bias tape is bias tape with each raw edge folded in toward the middle.

Double fold

Double-fold bias tape is single-fold bias tape which has been folded in half and pressed.

FullSizeRender (6)
1in Single fold bias binding
FullSizeRender (3)
0.5in double fold bias binging

Basically they are the same but it depends how may times they have been folded.

Generally I have found that most of the bias binding you buy in the UK is single fold and you need to turn it into double fold bias binding yourself. Simply fold the single fold bias tape in half and press. VOILA!! Double fold bias tape.

However, remember if you are making double fold bias binding you need to start with double the width you need i.e if you need 0.5in double fold you will need to start with 1in single fold. Irritatingly in the UK they don’t seem to use the phrases ‘single’ and ‘double’ fold’ either at all or the same way the Americans do, which can lead to confusion when using American patterns.

I hope this has been helpful πŸ™‚ If you have enjoyed my blog, follow me!!!

Love Heather xx





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