Hi, My name is Heather and I am an amateur sewer and blogger.

I have decided to start a sewing blog as I love sewing and want to help other people love it too!

I have been sewing for just over a year and started because of GBSB season 4. I for years have stated to my mother that I never wanted to sew and would never ever sew. Much to her amusement I now love it – having said that, I hate hand sewing as I’m a very slap dash sewer and I like garments to come together quickly. I’m hoping to help fellow new sewers with tips, ideas and equipment help, to help overcome obstacles that can ruin someones love of sewing.

If your not sure if you want to sew I would 100% recommend you do – it is a brilliant life skill but way better that; you can make clothes that fit you fantastically and no one else will ever have them.

I hope you enjoy this blog…. see you soon.

Love Heather xx