Choosing the right thread

Choosing thread is important as it is an integral part of a garment. If the thread is the wrong type, cheap etc then it can break leading to split seams, broken gathering stitches and many other tiresome problems.

There are many brands of thread out there but the best in my opinion is Gutermann. It is not cheap and is very good quality. I would rather pay a little extra and know I’m getting the best quality for my sewing projects.

Choosing the right thread isn’t difficult all you need to do is learn which type suits your project.

  1. Right colour – always match your thread to your fabric. Lay the thread onto the fabric to get as close of a match as you can. If there are several colours, use the one which will stand out the least against the combination.
  2. Right type – Always use the right type of thread i.e cotton thread on cotton fabric, woollen thread on woollen fabric. If you use a lighter thread on a heavy fabric it will break under the weight, but also if you use a heavy thread on a delicate fabric it will pull it out of shape and ruin the look of the garment.
  3. Brand of thread – Well known brands are better as these are a better quality so look better in the finished garment but also are less likely to break.
  4. Needle size – You need to make sure you thread fits through the eye of your needle. If it doesn’t you can’t start sewing! So if you have fine needles ensure you have a fine thread or if you are using a thick thread make sure you invest in a large needle.


Thread Types

Cotton Thread

This type of thread is used with natural fabric like cotton fabric; it has a lovely finish and can withstand a lot of heat. Unfortunately it breaks very easily.

Polyester Thread

This thread is a synthetic thread which has a wax/silicone layer helping it glide through fabric. It is widely available in an array of colours making it brilliant for home sewers. Usually used on synthetic fabric it is incredibly strong but it can get damaged under very high heat.

Metallic Thread

These are lovely usually in golds, silvers and bronze and are used for decorative stitches on the outside of garments, bags etc.

Woollen Thread

These are generally thicker threads and are used on thicker fabric such as wool or canvas as well in embroidery. This type of thread is very strong but will needle a larger needle and adjusted tension on your machine.

Silk Thread

This type of thread is very fine and is usually used on delicate natural fabrics such as silk.  It has a lovely finish and if used with the right size needle, there won’t even be holes left in the fabric.

I always keep a large selection of different colour threads in my sewing box so I never have a situation where I have to stop sewing as I don’t have the right colour. I mainly use polyester thread as I tend to sew with mixed synthetic fabric. Always keep a collection of thread types for the fabric you regularly sew with. I don’t sew silk or wool very often, hence not keeping the thread in stock.

To ensure I don’t buy threads I already have when I go to buy fabric I have made a table with all my threads listed. So when I have matched a thread to fabric I can check the colour number against my list to see if I have it already so I don’t waist money. Below is a copy of my thread list.


Hope this helps 🙂  If you are enjoying my blog,  follow me!!


Love Heather xx


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